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We empower people with learning differences
by improving their literacy.

We use evidence-based structured literacy to boost confidence,

self-esteem and improve social engagement.   

"My child doesn't know their alphabet yet. They can't read basic words."

Sound-symbol correspondence is important.  We make it fun for clients to learn how to recognise, say and blend sounds.

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"I struggle to write on the lines and my handwriting is messy."

We work with pencil grip, letter formation and handwriting styles to improve fine motor skills.

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"My child can read well but they are struggling with their spelling."

We identify gaps and use scaffolded, structured methods to help improve spelling.

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"My child stutters saying words. They can't say sounds
like 'th, 'l', 'sp'."

We teach sounds and letter correspondence.  A flow-on effect is improved speech.

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"I take too long to get to the point and my writing is muddled."

We help with sentence development and give you tools to cut out the fluff.

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"I have great ideas in my head, but can't write them down!"

We help you understand the underlying cause and provide strategies.

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"My child knew a word yesterday, but not today!"

Repetition is key for memory retention.  Ongoing sessions develop better outcomes.

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"I hear other people say
'They're fine, they will catch up'."

We can carry out learning gaps assessments.
We can also screen for dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.  

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