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A School Holiday Literacy Program to let your child unlock the power of words.

Watch them decode, communicate, and thrive!

Dive into 2024!

Enjoy games, imaginative activities, and engaging challenges in small groups

🧩 Decode like a detective discovering the secrets of words.

📝 Master letter formation, making writing a breeze!

🎭 Express yourself through drama and storytelling.


🖍️ Craft your own stories and poems, unleashing your inner author.

🗣️ Develop strong communication skills and friendships that could last a lifetime.

A vibrant experience to meet NDIS Goals!

🌟 Community Engagement:

We build a supportive community that fosters connections.


📖 Daily Living:

We equip kids with essential life skills through literacy.


🗣 Communication Skills:

We develop both productive and receptive communication abilities.


📚 Language Development:

We nurture a love for language, reading, and writing.

📆 Session Dates: Jan 9, 10, 11, Jan 16, 17, 18

📍 Location: 3 Dobbin Drive, Yass, NSW 2582
Duration: 3 Hours per Session   💲 Price: $90 per session

🌟 Special Offer: Buy 3 or more sessions,  and the price drops to $75 each!


We use evidence-based structured literacy to boost confidence,

self-esteem and improve social engagement.   

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